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Frequently Asked Questions
What does "Built To Shell" mean?
Lumbermen's Homes offers you the option of building the home to various stages of completion. Our "Built To Shell" stage provides you, the owner, with a weather-tight lockable shell built on your lot with a 2 foot foundation. The exterior doors, windows, siding and roofing are complete, ready for painting and gutters. The shell stage also includes the interior partitions installed ready for rough-in plumbing, rough-in electrical, etc. Ask your sales representative for more information about completing your home.

How Can I Save Money?
Lumbermen's Homes offers you, the owner, the opportunity to save thousands of dollars and acquire "sweat equity" by participating in the building process, acting as your own general contractor and by doing some of the work yourself. Ask our sales representative about the various stages of completion available and how you can save money.

May I Choose My Own Floor Plan?
Lumbermen's Homes has over 30 basic model home plans available for you to choose from. These homes can be built as is, depending on your building site, or they can be modified to meet your needs. In the event that you elect to modify a basic model, Lumbermen's Homes can provide architectural and engineering services, if required.

Lumbermen's Homes also welcomes you to share your ideas and floor plans with our sales representatives. They will assist you in designing a home that truly is a reflection of you and your lifestyle. (Lumbermen's Homes reserves the right to review all owner provided plans for acceptance.)

How Much Of The Work May I Do Myself?
Lumbermen's Homes understands the owner's desire to participate in the building process. We look forward to working with each individual homeowner and will build the home to any stage of completion.

Many of our owners elect to have the home built through the sheetrock stage. At this point all the interior walls are finished, ready for you to prime and paint. Other stages of completion available beyond the shell stage are plumbing, electrical, heating, insulation and complete. Please ask your sales representative for details on the various stages of completion.

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